Unique experience

Our firm has significant experience and knowledge in representing plaintiffs and defendants in class proceeding litigation in provincial, national and international class proceedings.  We have been class counsel in numerous class proceedings including claims relating to illegal municipal charges for building permits, product liability class proceedings relating to roofing materials, product liability class proceedings relating to untested cosmetic injections, and negligence and contract claims relating to mass cruise ship illness.  We have also represented numerous defendants in class proceedings including proceedings related to product liability for medical devices and medications, and given advice to organizations on how to avoid and/or prepare for potential class proceedings.


Class proceedings in British Columbia are governed by the Class Proceedings Act, which was designed to facilitate access to justice for plaintiffs whose individual claims do not support the financial or time burden involved in seeking a legal remedy, but when the common issues for each plaintiff is advanced by a class action, there is efficiency for the court and an effective system of remedy available.


If you are in a situation where you have been unable to obtain a satisfactory response relating to a financial loss or injustice that is an experience shared by many like you, we would like to hear from you about a potential class action.